It’s time to ignite your soul.
To fulfill your superstar potential.
To awaken your limitless power + purpose + prosperity.

To show up as the next most glorious version of you,
for the sake of your business,
your clients, your family and the world.

Activating your soul will give your dreams wings. It’s the #1 power that will help you confidently and gracefully land that opportunity, launch your new program, elevate your lifestyle, or multiply your business.

Your epic next chapter starts now. Give yourself the spiritual clarity and courage to make living out your true soul purpose your highest priority.

In our one luxurious day together, you will…

  • Reveal the Divinely-inspired details of your next level so you can confidently take action

  • Become so deeply aligned with your spiritual purpose that you never second-guess yourself again

  • Receive customized coaching based on what’s specifically needed for you to up-level

  • Speed up your soul’s journey with in-depth, personalized attention from a master coach

  • Accelerate your business with invaluable, expert advice on your business, energy, leadership and more

  • Unleash the courage to be unapologetically you and boldly attract the epic opportunities you’re meant for

  • Leave with an inspired action plan and next steps you literally cannot wait to take

  • Set yourself up to finally follow through on becoming highly visible, hitting your big income goal and manifesting the specific vision that’s on-purpose for you!

Your VIP Luxury Intensive Includes: 

Your Personal Portal

You receive instant access to your personal online portal containing comprehensive Welcome and Preparation material that will help you immediately get clear on your goals and next version of you.

Then immediately you can start to take the little actions that add up to big changes in your life and business.

This portal also includes my Master Money Now eBook with exercises you can begin right away to attract more wealth into your life.

30 Minute Prep and Planning Call

You’ll receive a 30-minute planning and preparation call so you can ask any burning questions and be completely prepared, calm, and focused for your intensive.

This call is extremely important in the process so we don’t waste any time and have a clear direction on your coaching intensive experience!

Luxury Accommodation

Two nights luxury accommodation at the Inn at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, with breakfast included, so you have the time and space to take advantage of this gorgeous location.

Spiritual Energizing

Your VIP Day takes place in Asheville, NC, a mystical location also known as the Sedona of the East. Since the late 1800s, Asheville has been a draw for people seeking healing, with energy vortexes that contribute to the spirit of this place. Native Americans headed to the area around Hot Springs, while physicians in the 1800s regarded the climate to be perfect for recuperating. No matter what ails you, the crisp mountain air here can do wonders for your well-being.

Pre-VIP Day Decompression

The day and evening before your coaching intensive you’ll prepare by unplugging and taking great care of yourself. Get settled in your new surroundings.  Relax, journal, read, listen to inspiring audios, take a walk, explore, etc. Giving yourself a buffer between “real life” and your responsibilities at home are key in obtaining big shifts and being open and clear for your intensive session. If you like, a complimentary 80 minute decompression massage will be booked for you.


A full day with no distractions and me as your mentor by your side, where we will put your very own plan in place to break through to the next level. We’ll meet at the luxurious and beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC for your private intensive where you will be immersed in a high-vibration lifestyle and expert guidance.

Post-VIP Day Anchoring, Integration, & Implementation

How many times have you gone to an amazing conference, event, or even webinar – been COMPLETELY fired up and excited about what you learned and you are bound to implement like crazy? Yet… when you arrive back in your normal environment all that excitement fades away into the same old routine.

NOT THIS TIME! This time you will stay in that state of momentum and flow. This time you will give yourself the time and space for everything you’ve learned to be anchored in and integrated.

A 30-Minute Post Call

You’ll also receive a 30-minute follow-up coaching and implementation call to answer any questions that may have come up and support you in the next steps of your journey.

If you desire further support in integrating and implementing you can take advantage of very special repeat client pricing.

You Will Leave Your VIP Intensive Feeling Lit Up
and Excited About Your Life and Business Again
and Completely Clear On The Next Steps To Take!

What happens when you gift yourself a VIP experience?

My client Adam had a VIP Day with me in order to be in MY vibration; my upleveled energy. Part of why you work with a mentor is to align yourself to their energy, because that helps to raise your own.

Adam set the agenda for our time together. His intention was to reinvent his business: new services, clients, marketing messaging and imaging, sales funnel, lead generation strategy, and financial goal. He wanted to shift from being a marketing consultant to an erotic energy coach.

I approached this from the perspective of who he is a spiritual being, and how his soul longs to express itself in the world. I asked questions that allowed him to unpack this. I listened deeply. I named what was in and out of alignment to his soul and his genius and how he is uniquely designed.

Here is what we accomplished:

  • Identified his ideal client
  • Articulated his brand with him at the center of that brand
  • Created the core messaging for his content marketing for the ENTIRE YEAR
  • Honed in on exactly what marketing platforms are that are aligned and EASY for him
  • Curated a brand new six week, VIP weekend, and 6 month package
  • Designed a $200k business model that will be EASY and life-giving to implement
  • Took action to reach his new ideal audience

Plus we:

  • Tapped into his soul for the most aligned ways to take action in his business
  • Activated him as the CEO of his business
  • Addressed limiting beliefs re money mindset so he could scale to $200k this year
  • Re-positioned him (primarily energetically) as the brand of his business
  • Catalyzed him as the SOURCE of his own abundance

And we did ALL OF THIS while:

  • Sitting in front of a fireplace on a cozy couch having tea
  • Walking through gardens and along the river
  • Eating fabulous farm to table food
  • Discussing our dating lives, family histories, and passions

Adam was taking full responsibility for what he wanted to get out of the experience, he was totally prepared, and willing to stay in the flow, notice when he was feeling stuck, receive support from me, AND TAKE ACTION during the Intensive.

He got IMMEDIATE feedback on the action that he took! Brand new prospects inquired about his events and working with him while we were still in the Intensive. In fact, he’s already on track to make over six figures in his first year of this new business!

This is about saying yes to yourself
and claiming the high-level and high-touch experience you deserve.

Money always flows where there’s a purpose. If you’re ready to play a bigger game, if you see yourself lit up and empowered from being in a luxurious environment, in the presence of a master coach, and in the energy of the spiritually powerful Asheville, NC…

Then this luxury VIP experience is where you belong and what the Universe will support you in claiming.

I’m thrilled to host you at my favorite hotel in Asheville: the Inn at the Biltmore Estate. With stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, gorgeous grounds and gardens, and fantastic food, the Biltmore is luxury defined.




And, make sure that from now on, you manifest nothing less than your true worth. You aren’t ordinary. The extraordinary life you crave is simply waiting for your permission to experience it now. This VIP experience will permanently change how you see what’s possible for your life, the world, and your role in it.

It’s our great honor at this time on the planet to be transforming consciousness through the platforms of our businesses. We have been called to RISE and deepen our PURPOSE. Is now your time?

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